Welcome to Old Fogey Guides

So what is an “old fogey” and why would I choose that name?

Let’s look at the definition:

Old Fogey (fō gē):
1) To be old, elderly or just older. You are officially an old fogey when you reach 50 years of age.
2) Old-fashioned, stuck-in-the mud. Person with old fashioned ideas which he is unwilling to change.

Well, I qualify on age! But the rest? Not so much.

My name is Ann and I am a teacher and computer geek by training and trade. I work with many people that call themselves old fogies because they don’t understand modern* technology. Usually the problem isn’t the person, it’s the instructions. Most manuals are written for people that already know how to use the technology in question!

This isn’t limited to just computers – tablets, smart phones (that can make the user feel less than smart), website navigation, ‘simple’ software… The list goes on.

My gift is translating that geek speak into plain English. The goal of this site is to have guides on a bit of everything. So this is YOUR site too! Want a guide? Ask for it! Have expertise on something? Publish a guide.

The very nature of this site makes it a work in progress. Come back often.


*Modern can be anything newer than dial telephones or cell phones with push buttons depending on the speaker. Being a fogey has much more to do with attitude than age!